Much as we acknowledge the many track ready virtues of the latest CTR, it is not a perfect package.  But before we begin let's examine the Civic in detail.

The FD2R based on the current Civic is a fairly large car and while Honda has pared down its weight it does tip the scales at 1270-kg. Could the aftermarket offer options to lower weight by another 50-kg? 

1. The Seats

The original FD2R seats weigh 22-kg each including the railings, not exactly lightweight. Two seats make it 44-kg. A pair of Recaro SP-X seats and its rails weigh 37-kg which shaves off 7-kg but puts a huge dent in the budget as they cost a reported $10,000 a piece. These are standard equipment for the Subaru S203/S204, as well as the Mugen Civic Type RR and they have a narrower seat width that provides a tight fit on one's body. The SP-X have full reclining ability and are made from dry carbon fibre.

Another choice would be to fit a pair of fixed back race seats like the Recaro Pole Position. Without the complex and heavy recliner mechanism two of these seats with railings would weigh just 22.8 kg or the equivalent of only one original seat.

The Recaro SP-X combo reduces weight by 7-kg and the Recaro Pole Positions provide a huge 21.2-kg weight reduction.

Update 24-07-10: Recaro Pole Position Carbon Fibre. Now these seats are each more by $1000 compared to the normal Pole Positions but they do lower weight a bit. With the rails, a pair of these seats weigh 21.2-kg which is a further reduction of 1.6-kg making the total reduction of 22.8-kg. How odd the numbers look so similar to all the previous numbers here but a careful reading will lead to the conclusion that for and additional outlay of over $2000 yields just a paltry 1.6-kgs reduction.

Sounds like the laws of diminishing returns have set in. In mitigation these seats look gorgeous and they are much more rigid than the normal ones. Unfortunately Recaro might be stopping production of these lovelies. Check with local Recaro agent.

2. Wheels and tyres.

The original FD2R 7.5x18 wheels are not forged items and weight 10.6-kg each. The OE tyres, Bridgestone RE070 add another 11.4-kg each. The set of 4 will weigh 42.4+45.6-kg. The twenty original lug nuts weigh 1.2-kg.

Prodrive's forged GC-07J wheels are just 8.5-kg each and Goodyear's Asymmetrics weigh 1.4-kg a tyre less at 10-kg. We found a set of 20 Enkei alloy lug nuts  weigh just 400gm.

The total weight of the original wheels, tyres and lugs 42.4+45.6+1.2 = 89 .2-kg.

The total weight of the Prodrive wheels, Goodyears and lugs 34+40+0.4 = 74.4-kg

This gives a weight savings of 14.8-kg

3. Rear Wing

While the rear wing looks special it does weigh a considerable 4.2-kg and its removal might have an impact on downforce at high speeds but will improve aerodynamic drag.

4. Front grille 

The original front grille weighs 1-kg but the Mugen CF replacement weighs just 0.4-kg providing a savings of 0.6-kg.

5. Headers/Extractors

The original headers is made of 2 parts the 4-2 section and the 2-1 section and this weighs 10.5-kg. The OEM catalyst and its shielding weighs 5.2-kg

Toda has a 4-2-1 header that weighs just 6.4-kg and a test-pipe to replace the cat-converter weighs 1.25-kg

By swapping these items results in a weight reduction of 8.05-kg.

6. Cold Air Induction

The original airbox+filter weighs 3.8-kg
Mugen's CAI + K&N filter weighs 2.8-kg

Weight reduction is 1.0-kg


With the Recaro SP-X the weight saving is 35.65-kg

With the Recaro Pole Position the weight saving is 49.85-kg (near enough to our target of 50-kg)

Latest Update 24-07-10: With the Carbon Fibre version of the Pole Positions we have exceeded our target of 50-kg with a total of 51.45-kg.


When rotating masses are concerned the equivalent weight savings is multiplied by a rough factor of four. But its the masses that congregate at the periphery that matter most and not the ones at the center. An approximate dynamic reduction in mass would be 40 kg instead of just 14.8-kg so it would seem more like as if nearly 60.85-kg was removed. (or 75-kg with the Pole Position)

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