Penang Food Restaurant- 76 Geylang Lorong 25A, Singapore 388258

Instead of waiting for the yearly Penang food event at Goodwood Park hotel, here is a really good alternative and we think even better all year round. Its not that easy to get to and finding parking is a real pain given its location in Geylang but it is worth it. The place is air-conditioned but don't expect it to be like a nice hotel. This gem might be hidden away but its food is very tasty and pretty authentic.

A recommended dish is the Mee Yoke or Prawn mee soup. The soup has a strong flavour and of course comes with the complimentary fried pork fat (which can be deleted if you are health conscious) and a number of lightly fried shrimps. One can also have large unskinned prawns too (costs extra).
Another delicious dish has to be the Penang style Char Kway Tiao. Properly wok-chared, not too oily and has both coclkes and chinese sausage.   
Marmite chicken is a typical Malaysian dish and this one is just about the best we have eaten. The cook chops the chicken (probably a wing and mini-drumstick) into smaller bits and fries the lot until the marmite sticks onto the chicken and not the dish. Recommended.

Have a look at the varied menu, there is also the Penang Asam Laksa.

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