Phat Boy Slim : Renault Clio V6 255

An exclusive sports model carrying the Renault Sport badge, Clio V6 showcases the styling of the latest-generation Clio. Thanks to a host of new developments, New Clio V6 combines pleasure of use, efficiency and unusually high performance, with a 0-100kph time of 5.8 seconds.

The chassis has been fully revamped and developed with new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted for the first time. With a completely new top end, the 3-litre 24-valve V6 engine delivers 255bhp at 7,150rpm while the six-speed gearbox has been specially developed for this sports version.

Assembled at the Dieppe site, New Clio V6 has enhanced levels of equipment and quality. With the Renault Sport personalization programme, the most demanding enthusiasts will be able to custom-tailor their car from June 2003 onwards.

Since its launch in June 2001, the new-generation Clio has written another chapter in the Clio success story, occupying second place in the Western European B segment and first place in the French market in 2002. Now it's the turn of Clio V6 – the image-building model of the range and a symbol of the passion associated with the Renault brand – to get a complete revamp.

Exclusive New Clio V6, geared to driving pleasure
With a two-seat layout and a V6 engine transversely installed in the mid-rear position, New Clio V6 is an exclusive sporting model designed to offer the maximum amount of pleasure: pleasure in owning a distinctive car, and pleasure in using a new, nimble and safe chassis, and an engine that loves being run at high speeds and delivers 255bhp, ideally mated to a sports-type six-speed gearbox.

New Clio V6 offers unusually high performance, notably with a 0-100kph time of 5.8 seconds.

Featuring a unique design, New Clio V6 displays an even more incisive front end by adopting the styling of the latest-generation Clio. The front bumper, grille, bonnet and twin-unit xenon headlamps are entirely new.

The very slender headlamp units are installed in new extended front wings, which accommodate the 18-inch tyres mounted on Oz "Superturismo" wheels with a gloss finish. The wheels
completely fill the wheel arch openings and, with the increased wheelbase, are moved out well towards the four corners of the car.

The design of the back end has also evolved. The shortened radio aerial has been moved to the rear of the roof and the rear lamp clusters are now of the "crystal" type. The logo is displayed at the centre of the rear hatch and incorporates the hatch release. The new rear spoiler, longer and higher, extends the flow-line of the roof.

The mark of all cars carrying the Renault Sport badge, the double exhaust pipe, now chrome-finished, and the air intakes with wide square mesh grille covers emphasize this sporting appearance.

The grilles augment the flow through the new Titanium Grey side scoops, and the bumper's lower section is generously perforated. Cooling and air supply to the engine is thus optimized.

New Clio V6's exciting new design features flowing lines that result in a more favourable CdA ratio. The optimization of the front end air intakes and the smooth bumper with vertical lower section improves the distribution of airflow. Together with the new rear spoiler, this considerably increases aerodynamic downforce for greater efficiency.

Major technical upgrades to enhance sporting characteristics
The performance of New Clio V6 on the road lives up to the promise of its design. With completely revamped front and rear suspension and the fitting of new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, the chassis offers improved precision and sporting characteristics, while remaining progressive and easily controllable.

The powertrain also boosts sporting sensations with a 255bhp V6 that loves being run at high speeds. The shorter final drive gearbox and closer spacing of the internal gears are designed to enable the expression of all the engine's potential.

Thanks mainly to the new kinematics of the rear suspension and stiffer suspension, the new chassis combines stability under load, a progressive response to accelerator pedal actions, maximum control of body movement and optimum distribution of roll stiffness.

The 23mm increase in wheelbase, the aerodynamic developments, and stronger centre-point feel of the steering result in improved straight-line stability and sensitivity.

The main modifications have been focused on the rear suspension. A new subframe has been developed. The mounting points for the transverse link and the drop-link have been repositioned and stiffened, together with the upper damper mounts.

These changes ensure that the wheel position during vertical movement remains unaffected by lateral forces or by torque reaction during braking and acceleration.

The new geometry involves lengthening the trailing arms by 10mm and moving the wheels 15mm rearwards. Spring rates have been increased to enhance the natural anti-roll effect while allowing the rear wheels to remain completely independent, to the benefit of traction.

At the front, the anti-roll bar diameter has been increased to 28mm and the bar is attached via drop-links for improved efficiency, to compensate for the high natural anti-roll effect of the rear suspension.

The front suspension castor angle has been increased to 6° to improve self-centring, and the front track has been widened by 33mm in the interest of stability. Finally, the increased stiffness of the springs improves feedback and precision of front suspension placement.

To make the most of the new chassis, New Clio V6 is one of the first vehicles to be fitted with new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. Developed jointly by Renault Sport and Michelin, these 18-inch tyres (205/40 at the front and 245/40 at the rear) ensure maximum precision for sporting driving.

Designed to provide high handling and grip performance, the new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres provide greater directional stiffness for improved cornering. The directional stiffness is obtained by the use of large tread blocks. The new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres thus draw directly on design concepts used in Formula 1 tyres.

With the "Variable Contact Patch" (VCP) concept, the new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres ensure optimum contact with the road surface. In a straight line, the contact patch is symmetrical to exploit the vehicle's power. When transversal loads increase, the tread surface on the road
at the outer part of the tyre is maximized for more precise location.

On wet roads, the tyre's assymetric tread and compound mixtures ensure that performances can still be exploited. The use of a 100 per cent silicium tread compound on the inner side of the tyre contributes to high efficiency on wet roads.

A popular feature in the former version, the ABS-equipped braking system benefits from the higher level of grip provided by these new tyres.

A sporting powertrain
The 3L 24-valve V6 engine has been thoroughly revamped to enhance its sporting characteristics, and now develops 255bhp (187kW) at 7,150rpm. With a maximum speed of 7,200rpm, this engine loves being run at high speeds. It is, however, equally comfortable at more normal speeds with a very flat torque curve and a high maximum value of 300Nm at 4,650rpm.

The upper part of the engine, from the air intake to the combustion chambers, is new. With an intake pressure loss of just 25mb, a level rarely achieved on a production vehicle, cylinder filling is enhanced at medium and high speeds:
• New dedicated air filter with a volume of 11.5L (vs. 6.1L) using an extra-high permeability filter cartridge.
• Motorized throttle valve with a diameter of 74mm (40 per cent gain in passage section).
• New plenum with integral trumpets and short, machined intake ducts. The acoustic tuning of the assembly has been optimized for high engine speeds.
• The camshaft uses settings which result in quicker and greater valve lift. The variable inlet valve timing is carried over.
• Valves, seats and machined intake pipes have been developed for the new internal aerodynamics. New valve springs ensure optimum control of lift.

The fuel supply system has been improved with a new twin-passage injection ramp and injectors with a flow rate around 50 per cent higher. The engine management computer power has been increased and its new calibration is notable for its finer control in transient conditions and better control of response to the accelerator.

The adoption of new catalytic converters allows the IF Euro 4 emissions standard to be achieved while retaining minimum back-pressure and a low level of noise emissions.

In New Clio V6, the six-speed "PK6" gearbox has been specially adapted. The shorter final drive (16/67) lowers the final gearing by 10 per cent to the benefit of response and acceleration. The internal gears are more closely spaced, with new ratios for first and second (offering a speed 1.3kph and 0.15kph higher at 1,000rpm), and for third (-0.48kph).

Compact and light, the three-shaft box of New Clio, now with a final drive ratio of 4.07:1, is the ideal sports gearbox. These developments are accompanied by a shift mechanism, which has
been redesigned for more sporting operation: selector movements have been reduced by 20 per cent and the stops are more pronounced.

These changes significantly improve the ease and precision of gearchanging. The acoustics of New Clio V6 have been the focus of especially close study, with the new plenum and the exhaust.

The sporting exhaust note contributes to the overall pleasure of driving: clear and throbbing up to 4,500rpm, it increases to 6,000rpm in pure harmonics that reflect the quality of the powertrain, before screaming upwards to maximum revs.

To enhance comfort, noises emanating from the driveline are filtered by a twin-mass damping flywheel. A resonator modifies intake noise at high speeds and the adoption of a damped
windscreen allows booming to be eliminated. 

Manufactured by Renault, generously equipped and even more exclusive with the Renault Sport personalization programme Intended for the same customer base of enthusiasts that was won over by the previous version – 1,630 units of which were built in 20 months – New Clio V6 is assembled at the Alpine facility in Dieppe using bodies supplied by a special department within the Flins factory.

With cataphoresis coating and wax, New Clio V6 shares the quality standards applied to full-scale production. The V6 model also takes advantage of major developments such as the use of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) for the front end, the front wings and the lower section, an indicator repeater carried over from the top-end models, "Silver Cristal" finish road wheels and chrome-finished double exhaust pipes.

New Clio V6 also benefits from the know-how of workers at Alpine's Dieppe plant, where a new assembly and paint process has been developed to ensure outstanding quality levels.

Travelling comfort takes a major qualitative step forward with a new elegant and dynamic soft-feel dashboard. The tactile impression of the textiles and the controls and the new finish inside the engine compartment cover add to this impression.

The leather/alcantara bucket seats with Renault Sport embroidery, the leather steering wheel
with thumb-rests, the aluminium finish of the gear lever knob and the pedals, as well as the new sills with Renault Sport badges all add character to the overall impression of the interior.

In New Clio V6, the body-coloured steering wheel insert, dashboard mouldings and centre tunnel further enhance this sporting presentation.

New safety and travelling comfort features make their appearance.
In the area of safety, New Clio V6 is fitted with the same structural strengthening as the latest-generation Clio and with a complete range of active safety and occupant protection features: ABS, xenon headlamps, twin adaptive front airbags together with safety belts equipped with load limiters and pretensioners, and head/thorax side airbags.

Thanks to multiplexing, New Clio V6 is equipped with a wide range of comfort features such as a rain sensor coupled with a light level sensor, and regulated air conditioning with a digital readout.

A new top-range 4x40W audio system with mono CD in the dashboard and a 6CD changer under the driver's seat are also available. 

New Clio V6 went on sale at the Geneva Motor Show for €39,700 including VAT in France in three standard metallic body colours: Titanium Grey, Iliade Blue and Mars Red.

Highly personalized Clio V6 models
Renault Sport now gives customers the opportunity to personalize their Clio New Clio V6 with a choice of special colours, trim and features. A whole range of colours is available. Sirius Yellow, Callisto Brown and Lune Grey are all special-effect colours, with the colour changing depending on the angle at which the light falls on the surface. Special alloy wheels complete the range of choices.

For the interior, the trim components are finished in "soft touch" black paint, while the carpets, also black, add to the elegance of the cabin interior. The hand-sewn full-grain "Nappa" leather is available in a range of colours: Orage Grey and Sepia Brown (exclusive to Clio V6), together with Sahara Beige, Ocean Blue and Brume Grey.

Four interior leather pack options are available:
New Clio V6 personalization programme
PACK 1 "Nappa" leather on:
• Handbrake gaiter
• Gear lever gaiter
• Handbrake handle
• Steering wheel
• Dashboard mouldings
+ Black carpets and seatbelts
+ Black "soft touch" trim components

PACK 2 "Nappa" leather on:
• Front seats
• Door panels
+ Black carpets and seatbelts
+ Black "soft touch" trim components

PACK 3 Pack 1 + Pack 2

PACK 4 Pack 3
+ "Nappa" leather on engine cover
+ Nuage Grey alcantara on head liner and window pillars

The personalized Clio V6 models will be made at the same Alpine factory in Dieppe. Items in the personalization programme can be ordered as options from June 2003 onwards.

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