Honda delves into Solar Cell production

TOKYO, Japan, August 6, 2010 - Honda Soltec Co., Ltd., Honda's wholly-owned solar cell subsidiary, today began sales of two new residential-use solar cell modules with maximum output of 130W and 120W respectively, as well as a power conditioner with rated output of 5.5kW, adding to its lineup of home-use modules.

The Ultimate Solution? Part 4 Its already here!!

The Solution?

The ultimate aim would be to run all of human civilization's daily needs with the same amount of energy falling upon the surface of the earth every day. The energy we are talking about is vast and more than enough for our needs. So how do we tap into it?

Electric Dreams. Part 3 Why going forward might mean going backwards

Electricity – the common denominator

Electricity is indeed the common currency uniting all these various forms of power generation. So the question then is where does hydrogen or even biofuels fit in if at all? At the moment it appears the capacity of the renewable forms of alternative energy cannot fill the shoes of all the fossil-fuel burning power generation at least not yet though the potential is there and its a guilt free trip.

Reduce, Replace, Renew. Part 2 A strategy maybe

Reduce, Replace, Renew. Sounds easy. Hard to do

The strategy to reduce, replace and renew sounds simple but is fraught with technological foibles and geo-political tangles. The big question is, can we wean ourselves from this awful habit of excess consumption? Can we actually lower our per capita energy consumption after having lived in the lap of luxury for so long?



We will loathe the day when we have to perform our commutes in an electric vehicle but it is a scenario that with each passing day moves closer to becoming a reality

C 55 AMG : Design & Equipment

The new C 55 AMG stands out from the successful models of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class through its dynamic, individual look as well as its exclusive interior equipment package.

One eye-catching feature is the new design of the front end: Because of the new packaging dimensions created by the AMG 5.5L eight-cylinder engine, the front-end module had to be extended by 80mm. The change additionally lengthens the lines of the V8 top model. The radiator grille and the headlights were redesigned along with the front apron and the wider fenders.

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