Bentley creates GT3 race car [Release]

Paris, 26 September 2012. At the 2002 Paris Motor Show, the unveiling of the Continental GT concept took the world by storm and opened an exciting new chapter in Bentley’s history. Now, ten years on, Bentley is repeating the same feat with a Continental-based GT3 race car currently being developed by a dedicated motorsport team at the company’s factory in Crewe.

Signalling Bentley’s return to the racetrack for the first time since its historic sixth Le Mans victory in 2003, Continental GT3 remains faithful to the company’s founding motorsport philosophy of developing racing cars from their road-going counterparts.

History - BMW's 40 Years of M

The BMW M Story. 40 Years of BMW M GmbH.

“A company is like a human being. As long as it goes in for sports, it is fit, well-trained, full of enthusiasm and performance.” These were the words of Robert A. Lutz, BMW AG Board Member Sales, back in 1972. They were the words christening the youngest subsidiary of BMW AG at the time, BMW Motorsport GmbH. Today the company is called BMW M GmbH. But it is just as fit, well-trained, full of enthusiasm and performance as it was 40 years ago.

History of Honda's Type R

History - Honda's Type R

Honda almost did not become a car manufacturer at all. In the late 60's the powerful MITI, the Japanese Ministry for Industry basically forbade Honda from manufacturing cars and told them to stick to motorcycles. Thankfully they never listened and although they struggled in the early years their breakthrough came in the form of the first oil crisis in 1973. Suddenly frugal small cars were in demand and Honda flourished.

History of the VW Golf GTI : The Inside Story

The Golf GTI has been in existence for 35 years now. Officially. But of course its history actually began much earlier, and that part of its story is unofficial. A group of enthusiast engineers of the dynamic side of Volkswagen – initially advanced the idea of a “Sport Golf” project in secret starting in 1974. Taking the lead roles here were Anton Konrad, former PR director, and Alfons Löwenberg, an engineer with petrol coursing through his blood… The idea. “On 18 March 1974 I wrote a widely distributed internal memo – across all hierarchies as was my style back then,” recalls Alfons Löwenberg. Its subject matter: one should really consider offering a sporty Golf model for younger customers. Löwenberg might have put on a coat when he got the feedback: he perceived a definite chill in the air. “It was clear to see”, says Anton Konrad, “that Volkswagen was fully occupied with the roll-out of its new model line-up. At that time, very few were receptive to a special project of this kind.” Nonetheless, Löwenberg continues to work meticulously and in secret – on a test car…

History of the Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche had used many alpha-numeric designations before but in 1999 the Porsche faithful were puzzled at the introduction of a name they never seen before, the GT3. Little did they know it would become one of the most sought after of Porsche's models.

During the 964 RS and 993 RS era, the comfort and hardcore versions both carried the RS badge. In fact many who ordered the comfort spec version had also replaced many of the “unnecessary” weight-bearing items like the power windows, radio and air-conditioning something which was instrumental in helping Porsche decide in the future of their RS models. Also the price range was similar within the RS family limiting Porsche's profits. However much had been learnt during this time to mass produce these special models on the production line instead and Porsche planned to do this during the 996 model especially with the new product, the GT3. You could say the genetic mother for the GT3 was the 964 RS Touring.

BMW M5 Through the Years

BMW's idea of a successful concept: motorsport technology for everyday use resulted in the first M5. It was not primarily intended nor was it homologated for any FIA racing class like the E30 M3. The idea was to use motorsport hardware and know-how to raise engine output and improve weight-to-power ratio.

Whether it was touring cars, rally cars, Formula 2 racers, a super sports car for the newly founded ProCar race series or the engine that powered the Brabham BMW team to the Formula One world title in 1983 – everything BMW Motorsport GmbH sent out onto the race track in its early years seemed hard-wired for success.

History of the BMW M3


One of the most successful cult cars of our time has got to be the BMW M3. At first a homologation special turned out to be an extremely successful formula for the German automaker. 

The anticipation began in August 1985. 

History of the VW GTI

History of the origins of the first Golf GTI
Inception of the GTI originated in 1973

The Golf GTI is a phenomenon, a brand within the Volkswagen brand, an automobile world view and an unmistakable design statement that has now attained sales of 1.7 million units. It is an original among sporty compacts. Spectacular stories have always circulated about how the first GTI (Gran Turismo Injection) came into being. At the center of these stories there is always a "secret society" of people who pushed through the GTI right up to production stage against the clock and opposition from their superiors. Many of the tales about these developments that have been passed down are true, but just as many of them have become distorted over the decades and are often wrong. The fact is that the Golf GTI was the ingenious idea of a few men. This is their story and the story of the first GTI.

History of Porsche RS cars

The "RS" badge holds the greatest fascination for Porsche aficionados. We have compiled a comprehensive history of the evolution of the Porsche RS cars from the time that it was just an itch that Porsche had to scratch in 1972, documenting the meticulous way in which each RS was created using the state-of-the-art technologies at each juncture.

History of the Compact Mercedes Benz AMG

As the top model of the current C-Class generation, the new C 63 AMG can look back at an impressive heritage. It has four direct predecessors (C 55 AMG, C 32 AMG, C 43 AMG and C 36 AMG), all of which are powerful AMG high-performance vehicles.

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